• Go deep in a Stone Age-era cave
  • Try ostrich meat on salad or baked in a savory pie

The Karoo town of Oudtshoorn is the erstwhile hub of a booming late 19th- and early-20th-century ostrich-feather industry. Bypass the hordes headed for the ostrich farms promising the challenge of riding the massive birds. For a real adventure sans a gimmick, book a 90-minute climbing tour in the Stone Age-era Cango Caves. Clamber down steep steps and ladders, shimmy through the Tunnel of Love (it’s so narrow at points it feels like a stone hug), and scramble through tight spaces with sinister names like the Devil’s Kitchen and Devil’s Post Box. Be warned: if claustrophobic, skip this and opt for the hour-long heritage tour, which sticks to more open areas. Once you’ve emerged from the subterranean labyrinth, get your ostrich fix at the old-world-inspired Nostalgie on Oudtshoorn’s main road. This bird-centric restaurant serves up ostrich kebabs, smoked-ostrich salad, and baked ostrich pie.

Oudtshoorn is a two-hour drive from Knysna.

​​CANGO CAVES: R328 North, Oudtshoorn; 27-(0)44-272-7410; Open every day, except 25 December. Tours are from 09:00-16:00; cango-caves.co.za

NOSTALGIE: 74 Baron van Reede Street, Oudtshoorn; 27-(0)44-272-4085; nostalgiebnb.co.za