• Check out vintage trains and cars
  • Ride the rails up a mountain
  • Feast on fish and chips at the beach

Rail fans will want to get on board for a trip to the Oteniqua Transport Museum in George, the commercial hub of the Garden Route. Inside the cavernous warehouse is an impressive collection of full-size steam locomotives dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries and a stable of exotic vintage cars. For more action, book a seat for the two and a half hour power van rail ride and chug up into the Oteniqua Mountains. Tempting as it might be to nab a seat in the Victorian-era-dining-car-turned-café, hold off on eating there. Instead, cruise 20 minutes up the coast to Dutton’s Cove restaurant for fresh hake and chips and postcard-perfect views of Herolds Bay beach.

George is an hour drive from Knysna along the Garden Route.

​​OTENIQUA TRANSPORT MUSEUM: Transnet Transport Museum, 2 Mission road, George; (0) 44-8018-289;

DUTTON'S COVE RESTAURANT: 21 Rooidraai Rd, George; 27- (0)44-851-0155